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For people looking for an active, balanced lifestyle, Newcastle combines the convenience and choices of urban living with the comfort and community of a small town. In Newcastle, residents live, work, shop and play, commute easily to the best jobs in the Pacific Northwest, and return home to live close to natural areas, trails and other opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Newcastle was formerly renowned for coal production, and has an unusually rich history for a city its size. It played a vital role in opening up the Seattle region for expansion. In many ways, it was the poster child for development in the Pacific Northwest in the late 1800s—rail, coal, and timber were the key themes of this time, and Newcastle was at the nexus of all of them. Newcastle 's coal mine and railroad helped transform Seattle into a major port.

In 1872, between 75-100 tons of coal were produced each day in Newcastle ; by the time the mine closed for the last time in 1963, more than13 million tons had been extracted. Its legacy remains ever-present in local place names such as Coal Creek Parkway , and China Creek Golf Course. An active, well-informed, and passionate group of citizens remain committed to sharing Newcastle's history with visitors and residents. The City celebrates Newcastle Days, a community festival, each September. The City was officially incorporated in 1994.

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Official Population Figures
Each year, the Chief Demographer of the Washington State Office of Financial Management transmits population determinations for cities, towns and counties. The figures are used to allocate certain revenues to local governments pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington.

Questions regarding any population figure or financial allocations are best addressed by the Chief Demographer or a representative of the Office of Financial Management.

Currently, Yi Zhao serves as Chief Demographer for the State. Located in the Insurance Building in Olympia, WA, Yi may be reached at telephone number 360.902.0592.

Year Population
1994 7,000
1995 7,145
1996 7,303
1997 7,511
1998 7,643
1999 7,635
2000 7,737
2001 7,815
2002 8,205
2003 8,320
2004 8,375
2005 8,890
2006 9,175
2007 9,550
2008 9,720
2009 9,925
2010 9,955
2011 10,410
2012 10,460
2013 10,640
2014 10,850
2015 10,940

U.S. Census Bureau Demographic Highlights - 2005 - 2009
website: Newcastle, WA Fact Sheet

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