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The Newcastle Community Activities Commission is comprised of seven community members who volunteer their time and expertise to serve as a review and advisory body to the City Council on City-owned park planning, design, and construction, park and facility development, renovation, trails and paths, recreation program and special community events. The commission performs duties assigned annually by the Council.

The commission meets the second Wednesday of each month at City Hall starting at 6:15 p.m. Questions concerning the commission or its activities can be directed to City Clerk Sara McMillon. Community Activities Commissioners can be contacted by sending an email to the City Clerk who will distribute the email for commission discussion during a public meeting.

Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes
Linda Newing Commissioner - Position 3 09-01-2017
Russ Segner Commissioner - Position 4 09-01-2014
Jesse Tam Commissioner - Position 5 09-01-2014
Angela Ursino Vice Chair - Position 6 09-01-2014
Diane Lewis Chair - Position 7 09-01-2015
Craig Belcher Commissioner - Position 8 09-01-2015
Jim Price Commissioner - Position 9 09-01-2015
Term: All terms expire September 1st.
Meetings: Held on 2nd Wednesday of each month, starting at 6:15 p.m.


For more information, contact the City Hall at 425-649-4444.

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