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During and immediately following a disaster, all fire, police, and emergency medical services will be overwhelmed and unable to get to everyone. This means you may be on your own for up to 72 hours. Are you prepared to feed and care for your family for three days, possible more?

Emergency Preparedness is a partnership among citizens, business owners, and government. After a disaster, citizens must be self-sufficient and prepared to assist neighbors. Businesses must develop business recovery plans in order to resume providing goods and services to customers as quickly as possible. Government must establish emergency management plans to speed recovery.

All three partners, citizens, business owners, and government officials must stay committed to one another by doing their respective parts. Without commitment there is no partnership and without partnership there is no easy recovery.

To create your own Emergency Kit, Click Here (pdf)


Prep Your Home
Protect Pets
Hazard Mitigation Plan

Although only incorporated since 1994, the City of Newcastle is committed to taking appropriate mitigation activities to protect people, property, and the environment. Some of the highlights include:


Ensuring that Newcastle's codes are current and enforced
Implementing strategies for the maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and replacement of city-owned buildings and infrastructure. This includes:
Maintaining and upgrading City streets
Maintaining and upgrading City storm water systems
Developing and exercising emergency response plans


Prioritizing mitigation initiatives or projects is based on a benefit-to-cost review. Mitigation initiatives identified for next two years are identified and prioritized as follows:

1. Street Maintenance
2. Critical Facility Assessment - Bridge Inspection Program
3. T-002, Coal Creek Parkway Phase III, Major Transportation Project
4. T-001, Coal Creek Parkway Improvements, Major
5. S-001, Street and Road Maintenance
6. Severe Weather, Snow, Ice & Flooding – Street and Road Maintenance
7. S-003, Pond Reconstruction/Restoration
8. City Hall, Design and Development of New Facility


Read the full Hazard Mitigation Plan
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan


The Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan is also available at City Hall in paper copy.

If you have questions or would like to provide comments please contact:

Emergency Management Plan
Attn: Tim McHarg
12835 Newcastle Way, Suite 200
Newcastle, WA 98056

phone: 425.649.4444
Weather Radio Awareness
The City of Newcastle partnered with Washington State Emergency Management and the National Weather Service in an effort to promote this life-protecting warning system.

The Weather Radio Awareness Month campaign host web site is on the state Emergency Management Division web site at

We’ve been encouraged to help raise awareness of weather radio and its first alert capabilities by sharing a link to the campaign host web. One of the goals is have weather radios be as common as smoke detectors in homes and businesses. So, a key element in the campaign will be reduced pricing by some weather radio vendors as described on the website page entitled “where to get weather radios.”

The effort to raise awareness and use of NOAA Weather Radio as a life-protecting warning system may prove vital to the safety of your life and that of your family in times of crisis and natural disaster.Earthquake Retrofit Program

Upwards of 250,000 homes in King County may need to be retrofitted against earthquakes. To find out if you need to do this and how, a home retrofit class can help. Free retrofit classes are offered in the Seattle area.

Other information about earthquake retrofitting is available at the City of Seattle's regional Project Impact Home Retrofit Program page.

Contact the Building Division at 425.649.4444 for information on the permitting process.Related Resources


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Washington Military Department: Emergency Management Division: Map Your Neighborhood
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