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City of Newcastle
City Council
Rich Crispo, Mayor  
Gordon Bisset, Deputy Mayor  
Linda Newing, Councilmember, position 1  
Carol Simpson, Councilmember, position 2  
Allen Dauterman Councilmember, position 3  
John Dreshcer, Councilmember, position 6  
John Dulcich, Councilmember, position 7  
Planning Commission
Tom Magers, Chair  
Charlie Gadzik , Vice Chair  
Karin Blakley, Commissioner, position 1  
Stacy Lynch , Commissioner, position 2  
Orville McDonald, Commissioner, position 3  
Jackie Stone, Commissioner, position 4  
Jessica Sellers , Commissioner, position 6  
Community Activities Commission
Victoria Sandoval, Chair  
Jim Price, Vice Chair  
Patti Magers, Commisioner, position 3  
Russ Segner, Commissioner, position 4  
Leslie Harris, Commissioner, position 5  
Diane Lewis, Commissioner, position 7  
Tony Ventrella, Commissioner, position 8  
James Ricks, Youth Liaison    
Rob Wyman, City Manager 425.649.4444.107
Sarah Jacobs, HR Manager 425.649.4444.114

Administrative Services - City Clerk
Sara McMillon, City Clerk 425.649.4444.102
RaeAnne Loper, Administrative Assistant 425.649.4444.100
City Clerk General 425.649.4444

Administrative Services - Finance
Don Palmer, Director of Finance 425.649.4444.101
Melyssa Lynch, Senior Accountant 425.649.4444.126
Maria Lindberg, Accounting & Payroll Specialist 425.649.4444.104

Community Development
Tim McHarg , Director of Community Development 425.649.4444.112
Thara Johnson, Senior Planner 425.649.4444.127
Lindsay Brown, Assistant Planner 425.649.4444.117

Jack Helm, Building Inspector/Code Enforcement 425.649.4444.133
Rebecca Coleman, Development Services Coordinator 425.649.4444.144

Wendy Kirchner, Community Activities Liaison 425.649.4444.142
Bruce Johnson, Senior Development Review Engineer 425.649.4444.116
Ray Godinez , Senior Development Review Engineer 425.649.4444.116

Fire/Emergency Medical Services
Fire/EMS Emergency   911
Fire/EMS Administration   425.452.6892
Mark Risen, Chief (Bellevue )   425.452.6892

Police Department
Non-Emergency Officer (Dispatch) 206.296.3311
Police Emergency   911
Melinda Irvine, Chief 425.649.4444
Jerry Gilley, MPO 206.391.9926
Anthony Taglieri, Officer 206.423.7847
Steve Kajihiro, Officer 206.391.0011
Scott McDonald, Officer 206.255.3450
Scott Yamamoto, Officer 206.391.5215
Christy Marsalisi, Detective 206.263.9140
William Brown, MPO 206.255.7177
Christopher Leyba, Officer 206.850.7446

Public Works
Jeff Brauns, Director of Public Works 425.649.4444.124
Kerry Sullivan, Assistant City Engineer 425.649.4444.113
Angela Gallardo, Surface Water Program Manager 425.649.4444.111
Julie Cassata, Project Planner 425.649.4444.110
Brian Smith, Infrastructure Maintenance Manager 425.214.4337
Gary Gomes, Maintenance Technician 425.214.4337
Corey Miller, Maintenance Technician 425.214.4337
Leo Anaya, Maintenance Technician 425.214.4337
Jacob Woll, Maintenance Technician 425.214.4337
John Martin, Maintenance Technician   425.214.4337

Not sure who to contact?
phone: 425.649.4444


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