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Dogs and cats living in Newcastle require pet licenses that must be renewed annually. Regional Animal Services of King County licenses pets for the City of Newcastle and provides animal control services.

You may obtain licenses at City Hall or online at:

New Permanent Pet License Tags: King County now issues permanent pet license tags for all new and renewed pet licenses. The permanent tag, made of stainless steel, replaces the annually-issued aluminum pet license tag and is intended to last for the life of the pet. Pet licenses are required to be renewed annually, but the tag is now permanent.

Replacement of lost or damaged permanent tags can be done in person at more than 100 locations throughout King County, or by mail. Replacement of a permanent tag is currently $5. Contact the pet license office at 206-296-2712 or via email at for more information.

For more information please contact King County at the Pet Information Line:
Current annual pet license fees for dogs and cats:


Juvenile (under six months of age) $15.00
Altered (proof required) $30.00
Unaltered $60.00
Senior (owner 65 years+ / pet must be altered) $15.00
Disabled (with proof that pet is altered and King County proof of disability application) $15.00
Service Animal (with statement that owner has a disability and animal is a service animal) $0

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