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The Building Division for the City of Newcastle administers permit and code enforcement activities. This includes any work for both new and existing structures and covers those items mentioned under, “What Requires a Permit”. The staff members of this division include the Building Official, Combination Inspector / Code Enforcement Officer, and Permit Coordinator.

The code enforcement branch is tasked with the enforcement of the Newcastle Municipal Code (NMC) as adopted by the City Council. In it are the regulations that dictate development as well as how we are to all live within the Newcastle community. The NMC may be viewed under, “Regulations / Documents / Permits – Municipal Code”.

The goals of this division are to provide thorough and accurate inspections within a 24 hour turnaround time, excellent customer service, and a staff that is well trained and equipped to serve the needs of the citizens and customers.
I'm making repairs or improvements to my home. Do I need a permit?
Many homeowners are not aware that permits are required for specific repair or home- improvement projects. When the City’s inspector stops workers for working without the required permit, a fine is imposed. Common repair or improvement projects that require permits include:

• Re-roof- some exemptions apply, see permit requirements
• Furnace replacement
• Back-up generators
• Decks (new, replaced or repair) some exemptions apply, see permit rqmts.
• Water heater replacement
• Air conditioner installation
• Irrigation systems

If you or your contractor has a question about the permit requirements, please don’t hesitate to call.

Building Department: 425.649.4444

How do I schedule an Inspection?

All inspection requests are to be made online through MBP at     


Please use the link and follow the instructions below.           

To schedule/ request  an inspection:

Ensure the work is completed before the inspection is requested as there will not be availability to cancel same day and you may not call the inspector directly to do so as it is the sole role and responsibility of those requesting to ensure the work is complete in advance of the inspection request.

  1. Go to and select the inspection request option
  2. Select Newcastle from the list of cities
  3. Enter the permit number in the search bar not the address.
  4. Find the inspection(s) you would like to request from the list available for your permit
  5. Select the date desired for the inspections you need and identify whether you would like them during an Am or PM window.
  6. DO NOT select dates or window for any inspections listed expect those you are currently ready for and needing completed. Selecting and dates or windows for additional inspections will clear them from your list and make them unavailable to schedule in the future.
  7. Fill in the name, phone and E-mail box at the bottom. E-mail is required for Newcastle since it is how you will receive your electronic “Fail” card should your inspection fail.
  8. In the remarks section you must include the lot Number in addition to any other notes you may what to give to the inspector. Please ensure the Lot Number is entered first followed by the any notes you have.


What to do if you do not see the inspection you need to request:

  • If you do not see the inspection you are trying to request DO NOT just pick a different one and note the one you one in the remarks. This will result in a fail for the inspection you picked and the one you want not getting scheduled.
  • You must e-mail Jack at .
    • In the subject line please note “ URGENT INSPECTION MISSING”. 
    • In the body of the e-mail please include the inspection you needed to be made available online and the permit number. Jack will make the inspection available and advise you to go online and request the inspection.
    • You may also call Jack and leave a voicemail. E-mail will be the preferred and most effective method.


What to do if you need to cancel an inspection:

  • You may reschedule/ cancel an inspection online prior to 5PM the day before the inspection request date only. Because all work is required to be completed prior to inspection scheduling 100% of inspections canceled due to work not complete will result in a fail and 2nd fails will result in a fine of $100.00
  • Do Not call the inspector same day.

What to do if you are having technical issues with

  • You must call and contact MBP directly to resolve any technical or access issues in regards to the online requesting. They have assistance information listed on the site and are extremely swift.

Who do I contact about asbestos information or notification?
The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency handles asbestos information.

phone: 206.689.4058
Who do I contact about sewer and water connections or fees?
Sewer and water in the City is provided by the Coal Creek Utility District.

phone: 425.235.9200
Who do I contact about electrical permits?
Electrical permits and inspections are handled by the Department of Labor & Industries.

phone: 425.990.1400

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